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Helpful Hints and Exam Guidelines

The Testing Center is prohibited from assisting with test preparation. Exam review materials are available from a number of sources, such as testing guides sold in bookstores, textbooks, etc.


Entrance into certain Math courses is contingent on a student's ACT Math Sub-Score, or their score on either the Algebra COMPASS Exam or Calculus COMPASS Exam. Placement is determined according to the following criteria.

ACT Math Sub-Score placement: Level of Math Class
0 - 18 (Math 1000)
19 - 22 (Math 1310)
23 - 24 (Math 1320 or 1330 or 1340)
25 (Math 1930)
26+ (Math 1950)
COMPASS Score placement: Level of Math Class
1 (Math 1000 only a score of “1” is eligible for Math 1000)
3 (Math 1310, or 1530)
4 (Math 1310, 1320, 1330, 1340, or 1530)
5 (Math 1310, 1320, 1330, 1340, 1530, or 1950 after taking 1320)
6 (Math 1310, 1320, 1330, 1340, 1530, 1930, or 1950 after taking 1330)
7 (Math 1310, 1320, 1330, 1340, 1530, 1930, or 1950)

A student may challenge their ACT Math Sub-Score placement by taking the Algebra COMPASS exam or Calculus COMPASS Exam.

The Algebra COMPASS Exam and Calculus COMPASS Exam are adaptive, computer based tests. Each test is untimed. A 3 hour testing window is scheduled which includes check-in, instructions, testing, and check-out. (Examinees exceeding the 3 hour testing window will be allowed to continue testing until finished.) An electronic calculator is available during the exam, therefore personal calculators are not allowed. A student may take the Algebra COMPASS Exam or Calculus COMPASS Exam unlimited times with no waiting period. ACT Math Sub-Score placement is valid for 5 years after the ACT test date. Algebra COMPASS Exam or Calculus COMPASS Exam results are valid for 2 years.

A COMPASS practice test is located at the following website:

Math placement results will be available approximately 1 week after testing and will be posted on Mavlink (the University Student Information System). Placement results will also be e-mailed to each student.

For students living outside the Omaha Metro area, the Algebra COMPASS Exam and Calculus COMPASS Exam may be taken at a remote COMPASS testing site. Contact John Golka (UNO Testing Center Director) to arrange a remote Algebra or Calculus COMPASS exam at or 402-554-4800.

If you require additional information regarding Math placement guidelines, please contact the department at the following:
Math – see “Math Placement“ under “General Education” tab at or contact the Math Department at 402-554-2443 or 402-554-3430.

English Placement / Proficiency Exam (EPPE)

English composition and/or proficiency in English composition is required of most students at UNO. The EPPE, developed by the English Department, is used to determine placement or proficiency in Freshman Composition by testing vocabulary, reading comprehension, and composition skills.

All regularly admitted students must take the exam before registering for any English class, except 1040, 1090, 2000, and 2250. Students transferring credits should consult with their academic adviser concerning the need to take this exam for proof of proficiency. (Contact Freshman English at (402) 554-3476 if you require additional information on English guidelines.) Students may take the EPPE twice in a calendar year. Students testing into ENGL-1160 or ENGL-2000 via the EPPE may be eligible for 3 or 6 hours of retroactive composition credit. See "Placement Info" at or contact 402/554-3476 for more details.

Chemistry Diagnostic Test (CDT)

Students intending to take Chem 1180, General Chemistry I, as their initial college chemistry class are expected to take the CDT. To enroll in Chem 1180 undergraduates must score 12 or more correct answers on the CDT, any Chemistry Advanced Placement Test score, or a prior grade of C or better or current enrollment in a college chemistry course such as Chem 1140. Schedule the CDT before the opening of enrollment for the term in which CHEM 1180 is to be taken. Students not taking 1140/1144 are encouraged to take mathematics courses to solidify their background in this area before taking chemistry.

The CDT has 44 multiple-choice items. It is scored based on the number of correct responses. Exam time is 45 minutes, not including check-in, administration instructions, and check-out. Examinees should allow one hour and 15 minutes for an exam session. Non-programmable calculators are allowed for the CDT.

The test probes mathematical skills, general science concepts applicable to chemistry (e.g. measurement), and specific chemical information (e.g. chemical formulas) related to that in high school-level chemistry. The test is designed to identify those likely to struggle to pass Chem 1180 with C or better. It tests facility more than specific content. There is no expectation that students review particular material before taking the test.

Within about one week after testing, you will receive an e-mail with your placement results. Further advising information is available at Results remain valid for three years or as long as the student remains continuously enrolled, whichever is longer. A CDT RETEST IS NOT PERMITTED LESS THAN ONE YEAR AFTER THE PRIOR TEST. (Contact the Chemistry Department at (402) 554-2651 if you require additional information on chemistry guidelines.)

Spanish and French Placement Exams

All students with prior Spanish or French language experience who wish to enroll in their first UNO Spanish or French course, including incoming and transfer students, must take the Spanish Placement Exam (SPE) or French Placement Exam (FPE). Students with no prior Spanish or French experience need not take these exams.

The Foreign Languages Department will use results of the SPE/FPE to determine the most appropriate level of Spanish or French language study into which a student should enroll. Students who place into Spanish or French at the 1120-level or higher may be eligible for retroactive credit for UNO courses they test out of. Students must earn a final course grade of "C" or better in the course in which they are placed and enrolled into in order to receive retroactive credit.

Both exams include a short listening comprehension section; a computer-scorable written section; and a short composition section.

Within about one week after testing, the Foreign Languages Department (ASH Room 301) will post your test results on the University Student Information System, and you will receive an e-mail with your placement results. Results are valid for one year. A retest is not permitted less than one year after the prior test. Exams taken within less than one year will not be scored.

Note: Any student with prior German or Russian language experience should see an adviser (ASH 301) to determine placement for their first UNO course.